Frequently Asked Questions

-The savings are determined by how much energy you use... The more you use, the more you save. However, even if you only consume a small amount of power, in these times every dollar saved makes a BIG difference. Potentially, transitioning from traditional power to renewable energy can save you between 10-50% off your electric bill.
No. There is a cost associated with transitioning to renewable energy. However, Saving with Sun specializes in connecting you with ALL available resources from the local utility company as well as accessing incentives and tax credits which allow you to make the transition with no money out of pocket. If you qualify, you will spend nothing up-front, and all that changes is you’ll save money by having a lower electric bill.
There’s a few things that need to take place before you can start saving. The average time between agreeing to the transition and the system being installed is roughly 45-60 days. It can be more or less depending on the size and scope of the install.
Solar has come a long way over the last decade. No longer are they big, bulky, and ugly. More so they are sleepy and modern looking... Here are some examples of what they could look like...
Yes. We help take care of all the necessary permitting and it will cost nothing out of pocket to get them.
Yes. There are many different forms of renewable energy... Based on what we’ve found, Solar is by far the most efficient and cost effective way for home owners to produce renewable energy.